Recently, an initiative was started to establish a European network of B cell immunologists, to optimize the use of resources, exchange research ideas, train young people as experts in B cell immunology, start cooperations, and establish research groups funded by the European Union. EFIS has approved the application by Hans-Martin Jack (Germany), Rita Carsetti (Italy) and Idit Shachar (Israel) and will support the initiative for the next 4 years. The first meeting will likely be July 1-4, 2018 at the Michel Hotel in Landshut, Germany. During this first meeting, the goals and the format of future meetings (length, target group, locations etc) will be discussed and only group leaders (~80) from European countries will be invited. Therefore, the member countries should list the different groups working on B cells. Group leaders in the Denmark in the field of B cell biology who are interested in this initiative, please contact Søren Degn (

Søren Degn, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedicine
Aarhus University